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A grassroots effort to replenish $4 million for today, tomorrow and beyond

A number of Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) ministers, leaders, and friends have generously responded to Rev. Marvin Harada’s informal challenge at the end of 2014 for a “Thousand x Thousand x Four” pledges to total $4 million. “The Jodo Shinshu Center is a wonderful facility that has reaped many benefits for our entire BCA. While it was expensive to build, no one questions its value or importance now. We can all see how beneficial the building is to our BCA. “In order to build it, we had to take out a bank loan and we were loaned funds from our own BCA Endowment. Gratefully, we have paid back the loan to California Bank and Trust, but we still need to pay back the $4 million loan to the Endowment. “The thought occurred to me: What if we could get 1,000 people from our entire BCA Sangha of 14,000+ members to donate $1,000 a year for 4 years? Then our $4 million dollar debt would be all paid off, and we would be able to receive that much more funding from the interest earned through the Endowment! That is the thinking behind the Thousand x Thousand x Four fundraising project. “Please join me as a Thousand x Thousand x Four donor. This is a challenge to ourselves—to ensure that the BCA Endowment Foundation will have adequate funds to keep advancing our Dharma mission.” – Rev. Marvin Harada Together, Thousand x Thousand x Four donors have given over
$71,000 to replenish the BCA Endowment Foundation! Find out how you can help support this effort by contacting the Development Office.