BCA Job Announcement

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Job Title: Youth Coordinator
Status: Non-exempt, part-time (15-20 hours/week)
Reports to: Administrative Officer / works under the direction of CBE Co-Directors
Hourly rate: $17.75
The Center for Buddhist Education (CBE) is looking for a part-time youth coordinator to help to develop Buddhist education programs for young people from high school to young adults, to network and connect with YBA groups throughout the BCA, and to help to stimulate and invigorate YBA programs at the local, district, and national level.
• Experience working with BCA YBA groups.
• Ability to connect with and relate to young people.
• Completed the Jodo Shinshu Correspondence Course.
• Strong public speaking skills.
• Able to work on weekends and travel to attend YBA conferences.
To apply:
Submit resume to Gayle Noguchi, Administrative Officer, at gnoguchi@bcahq.org. For questions, call Gayle Noguchi at 510-305-8835.
Deadline to apply is October 31, 2018. Resumes received after October 31st will not be considered.