The Membership and Retention Workshop at the 2016 BCA National Council Meeting in Visalia

This workshop was intended to help Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) temple leaders learn what other temples are doing to increase their membership.

The workshop started with Rev. Marvin Harada talking about the Buddhist Education program at the Orange County Buddhist Church. Following Rev. Harada’s presentation, representatives from other BCA temples spoke on the activities held at their temples and shared their views on increasing membership and what has worked or not worked for them. The speakers were: Isabelle Bernard (New York Buddhist Church), Laverne Imori (formerly with Ekoji Buddhist Temple, now at the Buddhist Temple of San Diego), Tammy Wetzel (Seabrook Buddhist Temple), Rev. Jerry Hirano (Salt Lake Buddhist Temple), and Ricky Schlesinger (Vista Buddhist Temple).

Judy Kono (BCA Communications Committee), Rev. Ron Miyamura (Midwest Buddhist Temple) and David Atcheson (Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, Betsuin) talked about available resources to help temples with their websites.


Rev. Marvin Harada, Buddhist Education as the Foundation


Isabelle Bernard, New York Buddhist Church

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Laverne Imori, Ekoji Buddhist Temple (No Audio)
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Tammy Wetzel, Seabrook Buddhist Temple

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Rev. Jerry Hirano, Salt Lake Buddhist Temple

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Ricky Schlesinger, Vista Buddhist Temple

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Judy Kono & Rev. Ron Miyamura, BCA Website & Midwest Buddhist Temple Website

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David Atcheson, Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii Betsuin

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