Staff of Hongwanji Advanced Research & Education (SHARE)

Purpose: This program has been created to train staff members of the Hongwanji with the aim of fulfilling their principal duty to propagate Amida Buddha’s great compassion by developing their international awareness and observing how the Jodo Shinshu teaching is practically propagated overseas.

Participants: Rev. Anan Hatanaka & Rev. Kenko Takamine

Period: September 9 – December 4, 2014

BCA National Headquarters
JS Buddhist Temples of Canada
San Mateo Buddhist Temple
Palo Alto Buddhist Temple
Mountain View Buddhist Temple
San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin
Berkeley Buddhist Temple
Buddhist Church of Lodi
Walnut Grove Buddhist Church
Fresno Betsuin Buddhist Temple
Visalia Buddhist Church
Hanford Buddhist Church
Buddhist Church of Fowler
Oxnard Buddhist Temple
Senshin Buddhist Temple
LA Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple
Orange County Buddhist Church
Gardena Buddhist Church
Buddhist Church of Florin
Buddhist Temple of Alameda
Buddhist Church of San Francisco
White River Buddhist Temple
Tacoma Buddhist Temple
Enmanji Buddhist Temple
New York Buddhist Church
Seabrook Buddhist Temple
Vancouver Buddhist Temple
Steveston Buddhist Temple

Fraser Valley Buddhist Temple
Higashi Honganji Los Angeles Betsuin
Soto Zen Buddhism International Center
Oakland Zen Center (Kojinan)
His Lai Temple
Shinyo-En USA Head Temple
Sycamore Congregational Church
Mormon Church Oakland
United Nations Headquarter
California State Capitol
Colma Cemetery
Japanese American Museum San Jose
Japanese American Museum Los Angeles

Classes & Lectures
English Conversation
History of the BCA
Jodo Shinshu in the Mainland US
Jodo Shinshu in Canada
Jodo Shinshu in Hawaii
History & Activities of BCA Buddhist Women’s Assn.
History and Activities of BCA Dharma School
Temple Management
Buddhism in the US
Shinshu Otani-ha in the US
Soto Zen Buddhism in the US
Christianity and Contemporary Society
Introduction to Islam
History of Japanese Americans
Support for Divorce
LGBTQ and Jodo Shinshu
Boundaries and Barriers

Seminars & Conferences
Central California District Nembutsu Seminar
43rd Conference of the Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations
BCA College Conference
CBE Fall Japanese Seminar
Ministers Continuing Education (MCE)
Buddhist Church of Oakland Monthly Study Class

Volunteer Activities
Bay Area Rescue Mission
Wagaya (Senior Home)