Past messages from the Bishop

(10/30/20) The Meaning of Arigatai

(09/04/20) Letting Go of Our Attachments

(08/07/20) Reflections on the 75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

(07/12/20) Practical Buddhism and Truth Level Buddhism

(06/22/20) Light From a Star

(06/07/20) The Color of Pure Gold

(06/02/20) Losing Our Sense of Humanity

(05/19/20) Patience, Patience

(05/11/20) There’s No Place Like Home

(05/02/20) A Lesson in Okagesama

(04/25/20) Transcending Worldly Wishes

(04/15/20) The Talk of the Flower

(04/02/20) Finding Connectedness Amidst Isolation

(03/29/20) Message About COVID-19 from the New Bishop