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Bay District to Hold 2023 FDSTL Conference at PABT

The Bay District Dharma School Teachers League looks forward to welcoming participants to this year’s FDSTL Conference on April 29-30 at the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple.

A full day of in-person activities will be offered around the theme of “Inside Out Buddhism.” Participants will explore several “Buddhist emotions,” including joy, anger, and sadness (if that sounds a little like the Pixar movie “Inside Out,” you’re right). We are grateful to the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple for hosting the conference.

Rev. Candice Shibata of the Buddhist Church of Stockton will begin the event on Saturday morning, April 29, with a keynote Dharma message. After Rev. Shibata’s message, in-person participants will break out into hands-on workshops, and online participants will join a Zoom-based workshop. All participants will leave their workshops with lessons and resources to implement immediately in their classrooms.

In the afternoon, Ms. D. Trinidad Hunt of Hawaii will join us for a history chat about the fascinating life of her grandmother, Ms. Dorothy Hunt, Buddhist leader, educator, and the author of the ubiquitous “Golden Chain” that we recite with our Dharma School students.

Both talks by Rev. Shibata and Ms. Hunt will be livestreamed.

In the evening, we will enjoy dinner, movie night, and a social hour. Out-of-town guests will be able to stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Palo Alto. The website is: (use special group code: BUD).

On Sunday morning, April 30, there will be a Dharma service at Palo Alto Buddhist Temple.

For questions and to request FDSTL 2023 Conference registration materials, please contact:


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