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Contribute to Second Annual BCA Virtual Art Exhibit

The end of summer is often a quieter time at many of our temples. The festivities of bazaar, Obon, and the Hatsubon service conclude.

It is a time to slow down, clear our minds. and look forward to the fall season and the start of a new school year. We clean up and put things away before the next seasonal change. New plans and ideas are brought out to be considered for many of our temple groups to look forward to.

The cycles of busy, clean up, quiet, planning, and restart remind me of similar cycles while I used to work on sculptures and art pieces before I became a minister.

After a new piece of art has been created, there is a period of reflection and evaluation. Then there is a cleanup period when the tables are cleared and all the tools are checked and cleaned. Things that may have been left in temporary disarray are put back in their proper places. The clean table could be a reflection of your mind. The empty space of table or mind would be the place for new thoughts, ideas, and creativities to emerge.

I am thinking about days past, of working at creating artwork because we have the Second Annual BCA Virtual Art Exhibit coming up in the fall. Communication and contacts are being made to encourage artists throughout the Buddhist Churches of America to again contribute and be a part of this wonderful project.

It is our hope to get even more artwork to be placed on display in this upcoming exhibit. If you have your own artwork or family members and friends who come to mind, please encourage them to participate. The registration link can be found on the virtual art flyer.

The temple itself could be considered performance art. We are a collaboration of artists working together. As a team of artists, we are provided the opportunity for envisioning, dreaming, and creating the next and the new expressions of Dharma through Sangha activity. These are the most dynamic and enjoyable aspects of temple life.

It is a constant in society that ego expression and activities multiply into current turmoil. Imbalance and self-centered projections grow to become suffering, both individual and social.

There is a need for the Dharma and the Nembutsu path for individuals and society to live in harmony and well-being. The Nembutsu serves to guide as it keeps ego in check and harmony in balance. Working together, we can create beautiful and ever changing art based and grounded in Nembutsu awareness. We strive to include each other and allow a vibrant expression of Sangha to emerge. I just love it!

For now, we clear the tables and empty the mind. We enjoy the quiet break. It took a big effort to get from there to here. It will take another big effort to get from here to there. We all look forward to doing it together. Bring your art up, and we’ll see you at the temple.

Rev. Fujimoto is the chairperson of the new Ad hoc BCA Arts Committee.


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Lee sara
Lee sara
17 Οκτ 2022

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