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From a College Volunteer’s View, Chef’s Table Was a Success

The Jodo Shinshu Center looked quite different than usual on Nov. 10. 

Dharma Forward hosted a fundraising event to bring people back together and share a meaningful moment with one another. 

Tables and chairs were fashionably set up at the guest area, with butterfly decors and flowers garnishing the ambience. 

In contrast to the casually elegant atmosphere, accompanied with live music, the chefs and the volunteers who ran around to make sure all the guests were having a pleasant time were going through a busy rush. 

The food that the chefs cooked and that the volunteers served was definitely the star of the show — the guests fully enjoyed the buffet-style dishes along with the Japanese sakes that matched. 

It was an endurance test for us younger volunteers, however, as we watched and served the dishes to the guests with our empty stomachs begging for the food that was in front of our eyes. 

After a few hours of running around and trying to control ourselves, we lost. We couldn't resist the temptation. There was a feast right in front of us, and some of the adults were encouraging us to eat up. A few of us grabbed some food, took the first bite and let out a sigh of admiration. As expected, the food was amazing. 

As we tried to continue our secret feast, we noticed our adviser walking toward us. We were caught and were scolded. We regretfully cleaned up our food and continued to work, waiting for the time when we could properly eat the leftovers while the guests enjoyed various talks and entertainment.

The food was just so good that we broke a taboo. The guests also repeatedly mentioned how great the dishes tasted. 

It is definitely safe to say — from the point of view of a youth volunteer — that the Chef’s Table event was a success, and should be hosted again for the BCA Endowment Fund supporters to gather and have a nice time. 



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