Hanyu Buddhist Chaplaincy Chair Carries on Legacy of Dana

The Noboru and Yaeko Hanyu Buddhist Chaplaincy Professorial Chair is the IBS-endowed chair created by the legacy gift of Mr. Noboru Hanyu, in memory of his wife, Yaeko. This title has been held by Rev. Dr. Daijaku Kinst since 2015.

Noboru (Nobi) Hanyu was born in San Francisco in March 1917 during a difficult time for Japanese and Japanese Americans trying to forge their lives in San Francisco’s Japantown neighborhood.

In this environment, he learned how to work. While still in high school, Nobi worked on weekends at a grocery store. He also worked at Tenkin, a tempura house, doing odd jobs.

After graduating from high school, he worked at the restaurant full time, doing everything from washing dishes, cooking rice, making tsukemono, and prepping the tempura ingredients. Before the restaurant opened, he worked at the flower market.

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