New Podcasts Raising Tough Topics

When National Public Radio broadcast an interview with Rev. Dr. Takashi Miyaji on the subject of Bodhi Day — the brief, five-minute segment marked a milestone for the BCA and Shin Buddhism in the United States.

It was tacit recognition by a national media organization of the Pure Land sect — and the seeds that led to the NPR show were planted with Rev. Dr. Miyaji’s podcasts that he began in March 2020 when the pandemic was just beginning to take hold as the new reality.

The two podcasts were “Shin Buddhist Sangha Services,” which included his Sunday services at the Tacoma Buddhist Temple, and “No Doubt: A Shin Buddhist Approach,” the other, ambitious podcast that explores topics like doubt and evil.

“The producer was looking for someone who could talk about Buddhism and they came across my podcast,” Rev. Dr. Miyaji said, a professor at the Institute of Buddhist Studies and Resident Minister at the Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church. “That’s how they found out about me.”