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O Serene, O Free, Namu Amitābhaḥ — Responding to the Poet Rabindranāth Tagore

On that hot summer day, under a blinding flash, which surpassed the brightness of the sun, we human beings entered into a new era against our will on Aug. 6, 1945.

We human beings, homo sapiens, throughout the ages, have been living our lives merely foreboding death as individuals. But since "that" day. we must recognize a foreboding of the biological death of the entire race.

Our Truth-Self came into view in a split second for the first time. But at the present time, we still don't recognize our deadly foolishness that may cause the total downfall of all species on the planet earth itself.

O Serene, O free, Śākya-muni Buddha

It has been 77 years since these double tragedies of Hiroshima, on August 6, and Nagasaki, on August 9, but people do not seem to realize the true impact of it yet.

Pathetic, indeed, is that we still hold a large number of nuclear weapons that can never coexist with the global environment.

Only the greed that is based on blind feelings due to fear of death has burst forth to become a gigantic monster as such. And currently the entire world is still uneasy under the persistent activities of the artificially created mutated virus COVID-19 and the next upcoming worse event.

O Serene, O free, the Eternal Buddha.

In thine immeasurable mercy and goodness, wipe away all dark stains from the heart of this earth.

This year, the seedlings divided by the camphor tree, which survived the hell under the atomic bomb, was moved from Hiroshima and was planted in the soil of Central California, next to the new Hondo of the Fresno Betsuin. The souls of our unforgotten Nisei children of Central California, who had to die young in their loneliness 77 years ago in Hiroshima, have returned to their hometown as a symbol of world peace.

Touch them with thy right hand now, bring harmony into our life, and bring the rhythm of eternal hope by all means.


Our actions are our only true belongings.

We cannot escape the consequences of our actions.

Our actions are the ground on which we stand.


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