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SACBC Thanked for Making Hanamatsuri Special

The Palo Alto, Mountain View and Oakland Buddhist temples would like to thank Chef Royce Mori and the tireless SACBC team for making our Hanamatsuri events so special.

We would like to express our gratitude to you for the 488 bento prepared for Oakland and 513 bento made for Palo Alto and Mountain View on top of the weekly SACBC events.

We are grateful to you for making our Hanamatsuri celebrations so delicious at a time when we are unable to cook in our kitchens and have had to cancel our traditional Hanamatsuri events. The gourmet hamachi kama, kabocha, shiitake, kaarage bento and udon were a treat for us. The year away from our temples have enhanced our appreciation for the friendship and kindness of our neighboring temples and friends.


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