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Statement regarding the Wildfires and Destruction in Maui, Hawaii

We are all watching in great sadness and horror, the loss of life and destruction of homes and communities in Maui, Hawaii, due to the devastating wildfires.  Our thoughts go to all there who have lost loved ones, homes, businesses, temples and churches, and their community.  What a tremendous loss for everyone.

​I recall a story from the Jataka Tales in our Buddhist tradition.  Once there was a huge forest fire and all of the animals in the forest were running away from the fire for safety.  One little bird was flying into a lake, dipping its wings in water, then flying over the forest fire dropping little drops of water to fight the fire.  Back and forth the little bird flew.  The other animals shouted to the little bird, “What are you doing?  You cannot put out the fire that way?!”  The little bird shouted back, “I may not be able to stop the fire, but this is all that I can do.  I must try.”  

​In the face of such devastation, we will all do what we can do, whether it is to contribute to the disaster relief, to share our encouragement, or for those in Maui, to begin to rebuild, one step at a time, doing what they can do.  



​​​​​​Rev. Marvin Harada


​​​​​​Buddhist Churches of America

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