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An eyebrow twitching is similar to an eyelid twitching. If you have ever experienced eyelid twitching, you must know how annoying it is. In this, eyelid muscles contract that most commonly affects the lower eyelid.

Similarly, Eyebrow twitching occurs when small muscles in your eyebrows contract involuntarily. When this happens, the part of the eyebrow means the skin around your eyebrow rapidly shakes. It can last for just seconds or sometimes for several hours, and most of the eyebrow twitching can go without any treatment.

But do you know why it is necessary to treat eyebrow twitching? However, general eyebrow twitching doesn’t need to get treated as it resolves within a few seconds or minutes. But eyebrow twitching for long hours may cause Hemifacial Spasms, a health condition caused by damaged or irritated facial nerves. This health issue can generally happen on one side of the face and can expand beyond the eye.

Lewis Cowex

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