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A radio frequency facial device that warms the body and boosts metabolism. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic wave, and as the name implies, they have the same frequency as radio waves, hence the name radio waves.

Radiofrequency waves have the following effects

Increase body temperature When radio waves are applied to the body, frictional heat is generated when the "+ ions" and "- ions" in the body stick together or separate. This friction promotes blood circulation and warms the body.

Promotes the excretion of wastes Since lymph flows with the help of blood, when blood circulation improves, lymph flow also improves. In other words, it promotes the excretion of wastes.

Lipolysis This treatment activates lipase, a fat-dissolving enzyme, which promotes the dissolution of fat and softens cells that have been hardened by heat, making them easier to loosen.

Collagen production Collagen is made up of protein, which has the property of hardening when heated. Therefore, heat hardens collagen and the collagen that is no longer functional is excreted. Since collagen is never lost, the body will inevitably produce new collagen and the skin's regenerative function will be enhanced.

In this way, radiofrequency has the effect of warming up the body, which improves the flow of lymph and promotes the excretion of wastes.

What is the difference between microwaves and radio waves?

Microwaves are the same as radio waves in that they are high frequency in electromagnetic waves. However, the way heat is generated is completely different.

Microwaves are used in microwave ovens and other devices, but they damage DNA molecules and vibrate the moisture in objects to generate heat.

On the contrary, radio waves do not damage DNA molecules because they generate heat by acting on fat cells and collagen, not water. So, these are very different things.

If microwaves were to be passed through the body, it would be a serious problem as the body's water content would rise rapidly, leading to death.

How to distinguish a highly effective radio frequency facial device

The characteristic of an effective facial device is whether it can reach the subcutaneous fat deep in the skin and cause vibrations.

Most radio frequency facial appliances can only reach from the epidermis to the upper part of the dermis, but the best ones are those that can heat up the subcutaneous fat in order to warm up the skin from the depths.

What you want to check is the length of half the distance between the prongs of the facial device. It is said that half the distance between the protrusions is the same as the length from the surface of the skin to the back of the skin, and furthermore, the length from the surface of the skin to the dermis is 1.4 cm.

If it is longer than 1.4 cm, it will reach the subcutaneous tissue and warm the body from deep inside, and if it is applied to the body, it will increase the fat burning effect.

If it is longer than 1.4 cm, it will reach the subcutaneous tissue and warm the body from deep inside. However, if the voltage is too strong when the distance is too short to reach deep into the body, you may get burned, and the voltage is often too weak for facial equipment sold online.

So, if you want to expect good results, I recommend buying one that is sold by an esthetic salon or in a store where you can ask the staff about the product in detail.

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