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Substantiate a Set of Methods and Techniques That Contribute to the Disclosure of the Problem

Each author must not only choose a relevant topic and select sources of information, but also determine a system of methods that will allow him to reveal the issue completely and with enthusiasm. It is important not only to immerse yourself in the topic, to present as much information as possible, but to show exactly the work that the researcher has done: how much he was inspired by the topic, understood it, etc.

When writing a dissertation, it is necessary to use only useful tools and data in order to exclude unnecessary actions, unimportant data, etc. To do this, the researcher must select a set of methods so that it excludes the unnecessary, emphasizes the important and allows drawing reasoned conclusions. It is possible to determine which methods were useful to the author when writing a dissertation only after completing the main part.

Today we will tell you how to substantiate methods, research methods in the dissertation work and show their effectiveness.

How to substantiate a set of methods in a WRC or dissertation?

After the main part of the work has been formed (at least a draft version), it is important for the author to analyze his situation and answer the questions:

  • How did he collect information, a database?

  • How did he arrive at his results?

  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed measures to solve the problem?

As we can see, the main question is “How?”. By actually answering it, the researcher will be able to accurately determine the research methods.

For example, how he collected information: searching the Internet, the library, studying scientific papers, comparing materials, agreeing or denying with the opinion of specific scientists and drawing an analogy with his judgment, etc. In this case, methods are used: comparison, deduction, induction, synthesis, analysis, analogy, etc. How he came to the results: calculation of specific indicators, graphical method, situation modeling, data analysis, experiment (survey, questioning, observation), etc.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed measures: planning and forecasting, calculation of indicators, graphical method, etc. Thus, in order to determine the methodology for conducting research, it is enough to analyze the actions of the author, to study his work. Thus, in the introduction, the author reflects only the essence: what and how he used, and throughout the work he actually demonstrates these methods in action, revealing the topic and proving his hypothesis. More resources: How to Find an Opponent for Dissertation Defense? What Rights and Obligations Do Opponents Have? The Main Methodological Characteristics of the Dissertation Research The Structure of the Dissertation Methodological Apparatus The Role of the Methodological Unit in the Dissertation Research

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