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BCA Social Welfare Donates to Help Ukraine

The BCA’s Social Welfare Committee and the Executive Committee have moved quickly to approve significant donations to two international organizations aiding Ukraine.

UNICEF and Global Giving, Inc. each received $20,000 from the Social Welfare Fund.

All of us have been moved by the disaster that is happening in Eastern Europe. The stirring messages by Bishop Rev. Marvin Harada and Rev. Harry Bridge that appear on the BCA website and in this month’s issue of the Wheel of Dharma express our compassionate concern for all affected by this war.

The need is massive and will continue to be so for years. It is tempting to donate more, but for the time being, we also must keep a reserve available for the possibility of other disaster situations that might develop in the coming months such as wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and other humanitarian crises.

I have learned that some temples are considering fundraising for the Ukrainian effort. Whether it be sending to an organization of their choice, or individuals and temples sending their donations to the BCA Social Welfare Fund for distribution, it is a compassionate act.

In addition, the Social Welfare Fund donated $10,000 to Tongan relief in light of the massive volcanic eruption and tsunami that hit Tonga in January.

And of course, our temple matching grants and general grants are still available for nonprofit agencies that you support. It is a great way for temple outreach in your area.

To donate, go to the Giving tab on the BCA website and for grant applications- or contact

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