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Center for Buddhist Education

The Center for Buddhist Education (CBE) was established in 2005 by the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA). CBE’s mission is to promote and foster the Buddhist Churches of America’s educational and ministerial training mission and goals through the application of the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha teachings. It is an educational arm of the BCA. Working under the guidance of the CBE Governing Board, BCA Office of the Bishop and in collaboration with BCA Districts and temples, CBE works to support, strengthen, and expand a vibrant ministry, minister’s assistant program, leadership training for a diverse, multi-generational Sangha, and educational outreach to the general public.

Upcoming Events
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  • Buddhist Education

  • Minister’s Continuing Education (MCE) 

  • Ministers Assistant Program (MAP) 

  • Tokudo and Kyoshi Preparation 

  • BCA Youth Programs


  •  Japanese Seminars

  • Pacific Seminars

  • Temple Leadership Seminars

  • Every Day Buddhism (EDB) Seminars 

  • Technobuddha Conference

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Tel. 510-809-1460

2140 Durant Ave.

Berkeley, CA. 94704


Project Coordinator 

Judy Kono:


Youth Coordinator 

Koichi Mizushima:

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