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For children, every year brings new experiences as they grow, play, laugh, and cry. Full of innocent curiosity, over time we learn to judge things as good or bad, to seek the things we like and avoid the things we don’t like. These judgments become the source of both happiness and unhappiness, especially when we use them to shape our expectations from life.

The Buddha was a teacher who helped others find happiness by sharing important lessons about the reality of life and how we respond to it. Shin Buddhism supports these core teachings with deep empathy for our common humanity.


BCA Dharma Schools guide our youth through the Buddha’s life lessons as they develop into young adults. We teach that the light of wisdom and compassion shines on all beings without judgment, even as we find it hard to do the same ourselves. Recognizing all we receive from life, we nurture our students as they take their first steps toward a life of gratitude.

Temples may offer Dharma School classes for various age groups on Sundays throughout the school year. Many of our caring instructors are credentialed or retired teachers. They provide age-appropriate, engaging, and meaningful activities that incorporate art, stories, games, presentations, field trips, and service projects.

Interested students and families always are welcome. For more information, please contact your local temple Dharma School.

Kids for Peace

Buddhism helps me to live every day with gratitude for everyone and everything that has made this moment possible.

I am grateful for our temple's Dharma School because it gives my sons the opportunity to learn about Buddhist values such as kindness, patience, empathy, and mindfulness in a safe and supportive setting.

Tyler Moriguchi

Seattle, WA


A Popular Dharma School Reading

I am a link in the Buddha’s golden chain of love that stretches around the world. I must keep my link bright and strong.

I will try to be kind and gentle to every living thing and protect all who are weaker than myself.

I will try to think pure and beautiful thoughts, to say pure and beautiful words, and to do pure and beautiful deeds, knowing that on what I do now depends not only on my happiness or
unhappiness, but also that of others.

May every link in the Buddha’s golden chain of love become bright and strong, and may we all attain perfect peace.

Image by Ben White
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