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Experience the teachings in community with one another

The Buddha said the best way to learn is to “come and see for yourself.” The idea is not to accept the teachings blindly, but to understand the dharma by experiencing it in your daily life. 


Amida Buddha is said to have the “Wisdom of Non-Discrimination.” This is manifested in the Great Compassion that embraces all beings. Amida Buddha does not reject anyone based on age, gender, class, race, sexual identity, or any other basis. Although it is difficult for us as unenlightened beings to manifest this Wisdom of Non-Discrimination, this radical equality is an ideal in our tradition. Although it is difficult for us as foolish beings to manifest the all-embracing Great Compassion, this kindness and caring is our model to strive for.  

BCA welcomes all seekers as we continue our mission to share the Buddhist teachings and embrace lives of gratitude in community with one another. 

Image by Jamie Street
All Are Welcome
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