Changing our Perspective

I was recently introduced to a most amazing video about the Dalai Lama and Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the anti-apartheid and human rights activist of South Africa.

This video showed the friendship of the two of them, and featured some wonderful conversations and dialogue. Their friendship was both humorous and touching. They playfully kidded and joked with each other like little kids.

One of the highlights of the video to me was when Tutu asked a question to the Dalai Lama, saying, to paraphrase, “You had to escape from your country and your country was taken over. Monasteries were destroyed and many people were killed by the Chinese military. Why are you not morose?”

First, the Dalai Lama asked his translator what the word “morose” meant. He was told that it meant “sad.”

The Dalai Lama said that he was sad, of course, but that in Buddhism, we have to shift our perspective. He said that because he was exiled, he has been given this opportunity to share the Dharma with the world in a way that he never could have if he had stayed in Tibet as the Dalai Lama.