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Children’s Names Sought with ‘Mako Goes to Sunday School’

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

As announced in the September issue of Wheel of Dharma, the archival audio recordings of “Mako Goes to Sunday School” are featured for public access and download through the end of this month.

The recording, courtesy of Berkeley Buddhist Temple archives, is featured under the gatha audio section of the BCA Music webpage at:

The BCA Music Committee appreciates the opportunity to share this precious part of BCA Music History and the legacy of Jane Imamura from the Berkeley Buddhist Temple Archives.

As described in her memoir “Kaikyo: Opening the Dharma,” Jane Imamura explains that a dedication ceremony took place for the new Berkeley Buddhist Temple in 1956 when its treasured Buddha was brought back from Japan by her mother Shinobu Matsuura. The new building also housed the Buddhist Study Center.

The large versatile social hall provided space for special musical performances, including the play “Kisa Gotami,” written and directed by the late Hiroshi Kashiwagi that featured, among others, the famous actor George Takei. “Mako Goes to Sunday School” includes 12 gathas primarily geared for children with narration by Kashiwagi. Other programs were held in the social hall, such as special lectures by guest scholars, adult choir performances and musical recitals.

In conjunction with presenting the audio recording of “Mako Goes to Sunday School,” the BCA Music History subcommittee has recently reached out to try to identify the children in the Berkeley Buddhist Temple children’s choir pictured in the photo included with last month’s Music Committee “Did You Know?” question.

BCA Music Committee would appreciate additional help to identify the female vocalist in “Children in Japan.”

In “Kaikyo,” Jane Imamura recalls George Teraoka from Fowler driving up with the recording equipment.

Please use the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the BCA Music webpage if you have memories or additional information about the “Mako Goes to Sunday School” performance or recording.



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