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Cleveland Celebrates Its 79th Anniversary

The Cleveland Buddhist Temple celebrated its 79th anniversary on Jan. 21 amid freezing temperatures and snow.

“When 30 people make their way to the CBT on a day like this in January, it is for one reason and one reason only — to hear the Buddha-Dharma,” Rev. Anita Kazarian said.  

The CBT holds one in-person service each month in its rented space. In addition to celebrating the CBT’s anniversary, the January service also included the observance of Hoonko, which commemorates the passing of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist founder Shinran Shonin, and an animal memorial service. 

The Dharma message was given by Patrick Bonfrisco, formerly of the Orange County Buddhist Church.

Of the 60 animals the Sangha and friends recalled at the service, nine received their homyos, or Buddhist names, including one thoroughbred race horse.  

The service concluded with a meditation written by Sensei Ken Madden.



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