Jack Fujimoto, Educator and Former IBS Board Member, Passes Away

Masakazu Jack Fujimoto, a lifelong college educator, promoter of Japanese language instruction, and former Board of Trustees chair of the Institute of Buddhist Studies, passed away on Nov. 26. He was 93.

Services were held on Dec. 7 at West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple with Rev. Koho Takata, the temple’s resident minister, as officiant. The Dharma message was given by BCA Bishop Rev. Marvin Harada, in English and Rev. George Matsubayashi, minister emeritus, BCA, in Japanese. The chairperson was Connie Yahata, president of the temple.

Fujimoto was born on July 19, 1928, in National City to parents Morizo (Issei from Hiroshima) and Emi (Nisei born in Glendale).

At the age of 13, he was evacuated from Encinitas along with his parents and siblings and sent to the Poston War Relocation Center in Arizona. The family was released from Poston in 1945, and resettled in Encinitas.

Following his graduation from high school, Fujimoto volunteered in the U.S. Army, where he was trained in counterintelligence and served in Japan during the Korean War.