New Year’s Greeting

May I extend a warm Happy New Year to all of you. Our BCA theme for 2022 is the same as our campaign theme — “Moving the Dharma Forward.”

Our metaphor for the campaign is the monarch butterfly, whose annual migration from Mexico to the northern United States and Canada and back, takes four generations of butterflies to complete. Each generation of butterflies does its part to perpetuate its species and to make that annual migration to the north and back.

I think this is a most fitting metaphor for our campaign, as we have worked hard to keep moving forward amongst the challenges of our time.

We have been the recipient of the transmission of the Dharma over the past 2,500 years from Shakyamuni Buddha through India to China to Japan, and to us. Perhaps our parents or grandparents were part of that transmission, or we had a Dharma friend or teacher who connected us to the Dharma, but somehow each of us has encountered the Shin Buddhist teachings.

Now it is our generation’s turn to do our part to ensure the transmission of the Dharma to future generations.