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Social Welfare Committee’s Grant Helps Displaced Families

The BCA’s Social Welfare Committee’s $20,000 grant to Dorothy’s Place in Salinas in 2021 — which serves marginalized residents in Monterey County — helped provide funds to feed four families displaced in an encampment fire in May.

“Through the kindness and generosity of Buddhist Churches of America, Dorothy’s Place can assist unsheltered people into health and housing,” said Amy Narlock, development director for Dorothy’s Place.

Dorothy’s Place has a special affinity with people who have experienced chronic homelessness, according to Narlock.

Through four core programs, it strives to meet the comprehensive needs of clients, including daily meal service, basic hygiene facilities, medical attention, support in accessing health care, social services, and housing navigation.

After a devastating encampment fire in King City on May 25 displaced residents, the program’s Streets to Homes (STH) Encampment Outreach team was called in to assist, Narlock said.

The four families of 10 adults and eight children were provided temporary housing in four travel trailers located on an asphalt parking lot in an industrial area.

The STH Encampment Outreach team quickly learned that the emergency food supply had abruptly ended and these families had no way to purchase food in their remote location.

An urgent call was made to the kitchen director at around 9 p.m., and the kitchen staff got details of the individual nutritional needs for each family and created customized food boxes for each family, containing lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, along with beans, rice, bread, and snacks.

The STH Encampment Outreach team delivered the groceries that day, and the response from the families was overwhelming. These families went from being guarded and weary to joyful and welcoming with the elder leader calling for a group photo to thank the kitchen, Narlock said.

Dorothy’s Kitchen will provide these families with a consistent supply of food moving forward. The STH Encampment Outreach team continues to work collaboratively with other local agencies within the King City area to ensure the success of the displaced families.

Your generous donations to the BCA Social Welfare Fund make it possible for agencies such as Dorothy’s Place to continue their mission.


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