A Vision of Shin Buddhism for Today

Wisdom is a vital feature of Shinjin, which constitutes the experience of spiritual awakening in our Shin tradition. It has commonly been translated as, “true entrusting.” While “entrusting” does express an important feature of Shinjin, it fails to capture the full picture of this term with its multiple meanings. This was one of the main reasons the Hongwanji translation team left Shinjin untranslated in the “Collected Works of Shinran.”

In my view, there are four primary features to Shinjin, which are 1) entrusting (“itaku”), 2) joy (“kangi”), 3) no doubt (“mugi”) and 4) wisdom (“chi’e”). Since the topic at hand is wisdom, we shall focus on it in relation to Shinjin by looking at a passage from one of Shinran’s hymns:

“It is by entering the wisdom of Shinjin (“shinjin no chie”)

That we become persons who respond in gratitude to the Buddhas’ benevolence.”

— “Hymns of the Dharma-Ages” Verse 34, CWS, p. 407