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BCA Social Welfare Funds Help Spread Compassion

Did you know that the BCA Social Welfare Committee has been responding to suffering around the world with generous contributions from the BCA Sangha to help spread compassion and kindness — in many ways — and for many years?

Did you know that it is a simple click to access ways for a grant or a contribution to the Social Welfare fund?

The BCA Social Welfare Committee has been led for many years by Celeste Sterrett, and the Social Welfare Committee is seeking your continued contributions.

The campaign theme this year is “Open Your Window To Giving” and was presented at the National Council Meeting in February.

In the past year, the BCA Social Welfare has contributed financial support to agencies such as World Central Kitchen, an organization that delivers meals to aid in humanitarian, climate, community crisis, and natural disasters.

A few of the Social Welfare funds were allocated internationally to: the Bangladesh Buddhist Missionary Society: UNICEF, for aid to Ukraine and Tonga; and Global Giving to Ukraine.

Nationally, funds went to: American Red Cross; Delta Humane Society (Stockton Dharma School), Direct Relief (fire, storms, and floods in California), and Dorothy’s Place in Salinas, for a walk-in freezer.

The Social Welfare Committee recently allocated funds for the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria. Aid was given to Medicins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders), and Global Giving for basic supplies.

The allocations come entirely from BCA Social Welfare funds, not from BCA temple assessments or other BCA campaigns.

Rick Oishi is a member of Orange County Buddhist Church and is a member of the Social Welfare Committee.



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