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BCAEF Manages Investments for BCA, IBS, Temples, Affiliates

The BCA Endowment Foundation manages the investments for the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA), Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS) and 26 temples and affiliated organizations.

The primary goal of the Office of Development is to secure financial resources for the Endowment Foundation. It works to develop and implement fundraising strategies to cultivate relationships and to secure gifts that can be used to support programming of the BCA and IBS. The BCA Endowment Foundation is actively securing the future of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in America.

By building relationships, we can be aware of what the Sangha, their respective temples, and affiliated organizations need and want.

The current Dharma Forward campaign was a result of the Sangha members saying that financial instability and scrambling from budget to budget was not a sustainable way to support the growth of Buddhism in America.

“Dharma Forward is our vision to build the future of Buddhism in America,” said Endowment Foundation Board Chair Charles Ozaki. “It helps to provide the means for the continuous source of support for our Sangha by strengthening the pillars of Education and Programs, Outreach and Technology, Ministerial Support and Scholarships, and Facilities and Operations on which the Buddhist Churches of America and the Institute of Buddhist Studies stand.”

To share effectively, we must be financially secure and use resources smartly to build for the future.

The BCA Endowment Foundation also understands that financial health at individual temples is a crucial part of a thriving BCA ecosystem. Temples can also take advantage of the investment opportunities afforded BCA and we all benefit. Pooling together funds allows for better options and lower overall fees to invest with a community of like-minded investors who are looking closely at DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and other investment factors.

Through these programs, we hope to bring about awareness and advocacy to goals that exist through national institutions, local temples, and districts, and to each family and to each individual Sangha member.

Together, we continue building family friendly religious institutions that are unique and offer a way of thinking about our place in the world that empowers personal investment in our own well-being.

We love hearing from you! Please reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.

Questions on investments and custodial accounts or to get an account started (contact Hide Mizuno), on the campaigns, fundraising activities, or to make a gift to any of the Development programs (contact Michiko Inanaga), on donation processing (contact Hitomi Kuwahara).


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BCAEF serves as a financial steward for a diverse clientele that includes BCA, IBS, temples, and affiliated entities. They handle investment management, taking responsibility for growing and protecting their clients' financial assets. Their duties extend beyond traditional investment strategies, as they also implement robust cybersecurity measures to combat the rising threat of cybercrime within the financial industry, especially after Ofer Canada crimes. This comprehensive approach ensures the financial well-being of their clients in the face of evolving financial landscapes.

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