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BCA Bookstore Moves to New Workspace

Right before the pandemic shut down the Jodo Shinshu Center in March 2020, the BCA Bookstore was moved from its original space in the JSC to Room 135, which was being used as a shared bookstore and classroom space.

The BCA National Council’s approval to convert this room to a dedicated bookstore space will make it easier to manage the store operations, according to BCA Bookstore Manager Madeline Kubo.

The newly installed workspace allows for a more efficient and comfortable packing and shipping area. Additionally, the reorganized and cleared out space has made it possible to keep a more secure and organized inventory, Kubo said.

“We deeply appreciate the improvements that have been made to give the BCA Bookstore a more permanent home and are excited to continue to support Sangha members, temples, and the Institute of Buddhist Studies,” Kubo said.

The BCA Bookstore remains closed to the public. To place orders, go to the website at:

For information and questions, email:



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