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BCA Ministers Association Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Guided by the Buddhist principles of Wisdom & Compassion, the Ministers Association of the Buddhist Churches of America opposes the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Buddha taught that Greed, Hatred, and Ignorance are poisons, and we see all three fueling this war.

Wisdom recognizes that all things are Interconnected, and the fallout from this war will affect not only the innocent civilians and refugees but so many others as well, from the soldiers on both sides, to the environment and to the entire world.

Buddha’s Compassion recognizes that all life has value and happiness for all beings is the ideal. This is seen in the Metta Sutta with the aspiration, “May all beings be happy – May they be joyous and living in safety.” Our founder, Shinran Shonin, expressed the wish, “May there be peace in the world.”

We are in favor of relief to the victims, and call for this war to end.


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