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Choosing Your Dana

At the BCA Endowment Foundation, a common question is: Should I give to the Dana Program or Dharma Forward campaign?

Typically, the question tries to address whether there is a difference and what is the best way to show my support of the Buddha-Dharma.

The BCA is a community of thousands of Dharma followers, learners, leaders, and members. This national Sangha creates a space for learning and engagement with each other to develop purposeful and meaningful lives with interconnection. Both these programs serve to financially support the BCA in these goals.

The Dana Program helps BCA annually provide programming and resources for Buddhist education. Monies collected to the Dana Program are allocated in each year’s BCA annual budget of expenditures.

Last year, your generous donations raised almost $100,000 after the allocation of monies in the 50/50 temple match program. Your contributions provide operating monies to support programs at the Center for Buddhist Education and youth-oriented initiatives. Dana Program donations also provide an additional source of monies for the annual BCA allocation to IBS.

The Dharma Forward campaign focus is on the long-term future of the BCA and IBS. The BCA is celebrating its 123rd year in 2022. Despite challenging periods of discrimination, hate, wartime, and even concentration and relocation, the BCA continues to serve the Buddhist community. Keeping the doors open today and building for the future is critically important for all temples, churches, and the national Sangha.

The Dharma Forward campaign continues the tradition of sharing the teaching of the Nembutsu and ensures its transmission for future generations to learn and experience. A contribution to the Dharma Forward campaign is similar to an investment in the infrastructure and projects which support various initiatives and projects designed for the future of the BCA.

Whether it is for the benefit of educating more people in the present or investing in infrastructure and initiatives for future generations, your gift of sharing the Nembutsu and the Buddha Dharma is a precious one and will be much appreciated.

We hope that you will choose to support the BCA and the national Sangha through the Dana Program and the Dharma Forward campaign and model the contributions made by our pioneers and supporters. The impact of their support continues to this day and is part of the interconnectedness we have in our community. The continuity of that same impact will occur in the future thanks to your generous support.

We are grateful to receive donations by mail, our office access remains limited due to the pandemic. We kindly encourage you to set up a one-time or recurring donation today at:

For more information, contact Michiko Inanaga at the BCA Endowment Foundation at or call 415 651-5164.


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Unknown member
Mar 01, 2022

Congratulation BCA for your successful 123 years.

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