Dharma Forward Donations Making a Difference

Your Dharma Forward donations are making a difference for BCA and IBS.

Dharma Forward began as a resolution to fulfill a million dollar need. The 2019 National Council Meeting Resolution was dedicated to five initiatives with a contingency amount. Four of these initiatives were facilities-related items with the fifth being the required annual JSC loan payment for 2020.

Through the efforts of many dedicated volunteers and staff the BCA is happy to provide the following updates to the resolution.

  1. BCA Headquarters elevator repair, estimated cost $204,100, plus electrical. On balance, costs to modernize the elevator were reasonable compared to fixing broken parts for an old elevator. This modernization process will bring safety, security, and convenience* to users. Existing shaft and rails from the 1960s elevator will get 90 percent to 95 percent new parts for computerization and a new hydraulic system — IN PROCESS.

  1. JSC upper parking lot leak repair, costs expended so far, $32,500.