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Dharma Forward Donations Making a Difference

Your Dharma Forward donations are making a difference for BCA and IBS.

Dharma Forward began as a resolution to fulfill a million dollar need. The 2019 National Council Meeting Resolution was dedicated to five initiatives with a contingency amount. Four of these initiatives were facilities-related items with the fifth being the required annual JSC loan payment for 2020.

Through the efforts of many dedicated volunteers and staff the BCA is happy to provide the following updates to the resolution.

  1. BCA Headquarters elevator repair, estimated cost $204,100, plus electrical. On balance, costs to modernize the elevator were reasonable compared to fixing broken parts for an old elevator. This modernization process will bring safety, security, and convenience* to users. Existing shaft and rails from the 1960s elevator will get 90 percent to 95 percent new parts for computerization and a new hydraulic system — IN PROCESS.

  1. JSC upper parking lot leak repair, costs expended so far, $32,500.

    1. Parking lot electrical waterproofing — COMPLETE.

    2. Parking lot waterproofing in conjunction with beautification (after plant removal) and building entrance transition (for safety) — IN PROCESS.

  2. 2019 Debt Service (JSC loan payment), $134,000 — COMPLETE.

  3. Repairs to the Bishop’s Parsonage, $114,682 — COMPLETE.

  4. Grant to Central California District for livestream pilot project, $25,000 — DISBURSED.

* An additional stop for BCSF Hondo level part of the elevator plan with costs for the stop being borne by BCSF.

The BCA Facilities staff and the BCA Executive Committee (EC) continue to be vigilant project managers, addressing the root issues of each project while new problems continue to arise.

It is through their leadership and dedication that the Bishop’s Parsonage at 33 Waterloo Ct. in Belmont, California, was able to become a very marketable executive home on the San Francisco Peninsula generating rental income since 2021.

Dharma Forward dollars were integral to providing capital to address these upgrades while providing positive benefits to BCA, including an additional income stream.

Now that the resolution items are addressed and in process toward completion of each plan, we are able to look forward to allocation of the additional Dharma Forward dollars.

Through the four pillars of the campaign, we will embrace relevant programing and initiatives to bring education, outreach and technology, ministerial and facilities support to the forefront.

Thank you for your continued support toward protecting our investments and having the bravery to reimagine our future as we continue to build toward the future of Jodo Shinshu in America.


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Sep 05, 2022

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Joe Lie
Joe Lie
Aug 30, 2022



Machany Justin
Machany Justin
Aug 30, 2022

The BCA Facilities staff and the BCA Executive Committee (EC) continue to be careful project managers, getting to the bottom of each project's problems and fixing them even as new problems come up. backrooms game


Aug 29, 2022

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