Hearing the Buddha’s Wish

It has already been over one year since we encountered the COVID-19 pandemic. During this pandemic, various ethical, social, economic, and political issues have been raised.

As I reflect upon those various issues, I am brought to appreciate this saying of Shinran Shonin:

“With a foolish being full of blind passions, in this fleeting world — this burning house — all matters without exception are empty and false, totally without truth and sincerity. The Nembutsu alone is true and real.”

— “Tannisho”

Due to the different views and perspectives on the issues raised during this pandemic, countless tragedies are occurring in our daily lives.

We are burning with our selfishness and repeating our foolish actions over and over. We are all afraid of COVID-19, but in fact, we need to remind ourselves that we have a more dangerous virus in our minds called the three poisons, which are greed, anger, and ignorance. Because of these three poisons, we are capable of doing anything, even causing harm, when certain causes and conditions arise within us.