Highlights From June National Board Meeting

The June 2021 BCA National Board Meeting took place via Zoom on June 5. Rev. Marvin Harada, Bishop of the BCA, commented on the shortage of ministers in the BCA.

He acknowledged that some ministers were supervising up to four temples. There are 10 BCA members who are waiting to go to Hongwanji headquarters in Kyoto in get their Kyoshi certification from. At least six of the aspirants have indicated that they would like to become BCA Kaikyoshi.

Rev. Harada has met with each full-time minister to discuss how they have been able to get through the pandemic. He is now in the process of meeting with each temple president and discussing their concerns as we start to reopen our temples.

Rev. Jerry Hirano, director of the Center for Buddhist Education, has noted that every seminar the center produces has more than 100 participants and that many come from all over the world. The second annual BCA virtual Obon Dance will take place on Aug. 15.

Dr. Scott Mitchell, Dean of the Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS), reported that the IBS held its virtual graduation on May 21. Eleven people completed their degree or certificate program. Rev. Dr. Seigen Yamaoka was honored for his lifetime of service to the IBS and was given the title Professor Emeritus. The IBS had 44 students enrolled in the Spring 2021 semester. On July 1, the IBS is expected to become a full-time member of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.