Illumined by the Wisdom Light of Amida Buddha

Nō hotsu ichinen ki ai shin Fu dan bonnō toku nehan Bonjō gyaku hō sai e nyu Nyo shu shi nyu kai ichi-mi

When the one thought-moment of joy arises, Nirvana is attained without severing blind passions; When ignorant and wise, even grave offenders and slanders of the dharma, all alike turn and enter (the ocean of Amida’s Vow) They are like waters that, on entering the ocean, become one in taste with it.

Shoshinge, Collected Works of Shinran, p.70

At the moment, I feel that we are in a sad state in our American society right now, more than any other time that I can remember in my finite life in this world.

I feel this way not only because of COVID-19, and not only because of the societal cultural struggles that we are experiencing, but because more than any other time that I can remember, we as people are not listening or talking to each other.

There are many events happening in the world today that make each of us unhappy, disappointed, annoyed, dismayed, angry, etc., because, for various reasons, we do not agree with what is going on.