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The Dana Program is a continuous endeavor to bring the Buddha-dharma to everyone. Shinran Shonin’s life of gratitude has traveled across centuries and continents to arrive in our hearts today. Together we can invest in the future of Jodo Shinshu in America by expanding programs that educate, connect, and enrich the Buddhist community.

Initiatives are being launched to increase public outreach through digital media, develop Dharma activities for BCA members of all ages, and assist the education of our ministers, who dedicate their lives to their sanghas. It’s simple: the more we grow the Dana Program, the more we can expand these initiatives.

Join us to build upon this vision for the public, our temples and our ministers to walk the Nembutsu path together.

Support the Dana Program

Dana is an opportunity to express appreciation for the immeasurable influence of the teachings on our lives. Your recurring donation supports thriving Buddhist Education programs and enables new initiatives to share Shinran Shonin’s teachings with the world.

Make an offering today through Kindful  in three easy steps:

1. Enter your donation amount.

2. Create a Recurring Transaction to contribute each week, month, or on a schedule of your choice. One-time donations are also available.

3. Complete credit card details and submit.

If you prefer to donate by check or direct bank transfer, please contact us at or call 415-776-5600 x311 and we will send you a brochure with payment form.

You may also download and print the brochure here

Thank you for your generous offering.


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