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National Council Meeting

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Foggy Lake

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Foggy Lake

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February 18, 2023

Feb 18

Town Hall Meeting

10:15 am PST


Topic:  The Benefits of Following the Shin Buddhist Path


Part One:  The benefits of a life of gratitude

Gregg Krech - Naikan Therapy

Rev. Takashi Miyaji 

Part Two:  The benefits of a teaching that embraces all and forsakes none.

Rev. Maribeth Smith - San Diego Buddhist Temple

Rev. Gary Jaskula - New York Buddhist Church

Part Three:  The benefits of being a part of a Sangha.

Jo Ann Tanioka - Orange County Buddhist Church

David Correia - Monterey Buddhist Temple


Moderator:  Rev. Marvin Harada

BCA Social Welfare Committee Workshop

1:00 pm PST

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 11.01.59 AM.png
Image by Walter Mario Stein

"Benefits of the BCA" Workshop

2:00 pm PST

BCA Dharma Forward Campaign Workshop

3:00 pm PST

Engage with campaign leaders from BCA and IBS to learn and discuss giving strategies, insights, and takeaways from Dharma Forward, which could help your temple / district. Learn about ways of giving, messaging, and communication with donors and prospective donors.  Share your feedback about investments in faculty endowments, technology and outreach, ministerial support, scholarships, and facilities development.

Image by abhijeet gourav
Image by Manuel Cosentino

BCA Endowment Foundation Workshop

4:00 pm PST

IBS Symposium

11:00 am PST

Image by Tianshu Liu

February 23, 2023

Feb 23
Image by Nick Wood

BCA Eitaikyo Muen Hoyo (Service)

10:00 am PST

Feb 26

February 26, 2023

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