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Arson Restoration Fund Established

The Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Church has established an Arson Restoration

Fund in response to the tragic fires that destroyed thousands of historical

archives and caused smoke and fire damage to the temple on New Year’s

Eve and Jan. 2.

“We appreciate any and all donations towards rebuilding our temple,” the

Seattle Betsuin stated in a message on the temple website. “If you are

unable to donate at this time, we understand and would appreciate if you

shared this with others. Thank you for your kindness as we navigate the

next chapter of our history.”

To make a donation online, go to:

Donations can also be made via check. Please make checks payable to

“Seattle Buddhist Church” and include “Arson Restoration Fund” in the

memo line.

The address is: Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple, 1427 S. Main St.,

Seattle, WA 98144.

For questions, the email is:

And, for more information about the Arson Restoration Fund, visit the

Seattle Betsuin website at:

“Your kindness and concern are deeply appreciated, and we invite you to

share in the successes fueled by your generosity,” the Seattle Betsuin

stated. “Thank you for contributing to a collective effort that transcends

bricks and mortar.”


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