BCA’s 2022-23 Budget WillDetermine Member Dues

Under the watchful eye of Jeff Matsuoka, the BCA treasurer, and the BCA Budget and Finance Committee, we are currently in the process of making the BCA budget for April 2022 to April 2023. The resulting budget that is created will determine what the per member dues will be for BCA members.

During our current pandemic, the BCA knows that many temples remain closed. We have seen that more temples were able to have some type of fundraiser this year, but most were done in a virtual format and the amounts raised were less than a non-pandemic year.

Many temples have been able to keep up with paying their BCA dues during the pandemic. We are truly grateful for the support that the temples have been providing while they struggle to pay their own bills.

The BCA was fortunate to have received another Payment Protection Program (PPP) loan from the federal government this year. This loan money was used to pay for salaries of the seven full-time BCA employees and our eight part-time employees. The bishop’s salary is part of the salaries that BCA is responsible for. We are currently in the process of trying to have the loan forgiven, just like last year. Some temples were able to obtain PPP loan money, too.

As we look to the next budget year, we are assuming that more in-person meetings may start to take place. The fact that almost all BCA committee meetings and national meetings have been virtual thus far has saved the BCA needed funds. And, the BCA December National Board m