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Deluge Causes Minor Damage to BTSD

Heavy rain pelted San Diego on Jan. 22 in what would be the fourth-wettest day in the city’s history, causing minor damage to the Buddhist Temple of San Diego (BTSD).

Water entered the temple’s main building from a nearby drainage overflow, resulting in wet carpeting at the temple’s lobby entrance and an estimated 6 to 8 cubic inches of water in the elevator pit. In addition, the rains that day caused ceiling tiles to loosen and fall in the BTSD social hall. There were several roof leaks in the adjacent Sangha Hall. The temple, which was closed on the day of the storm, lost power for approximately two hours. 

In all, 2.73 inches of rain fell on the city on Jan. 22, far exceeding the average rainfall of 2 inches for the entire month of January. It was the fourth-wettest day on record in San Diego’s history, according to the National Weather Service.

Businesses and residential communities were heavily impacted by flood damage. The neighborhoods of Southcrest and Shelltown, both within close proximity of BTSD, were hardest hit with flooding.

The Vista Buddhist Temple, located in north San Diego County, did not sustain any structural damage, but did have to mop up its social hall after the Jan. 22 storm. Water from the drainage pipes pushed into the downstairs area, according to BCA President Terri Omori.

In early February. a series of atmospheric rivers brought heavy rain and flash floods to the Southern California region once again. Fortunately, none of the Southern District temples and churches reported damage.


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