‘Dial the Dharma’ Now in Spanish

Beginning in August, the weekly “Dial the Dharma” messages started being available in Spanish — a first.

Arturo Rubio, who is a Minister’s Assistant at the San Diego Buddhist Temple, graciously offered to translate my weekly messages into Spanish. Now our phone system will be: Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Japanese, and Press 3 for Spanish.

For many years, we have thought about providing the Dharma to those whose native language is Spanish. We hope that this will open the door to Shin Buddhism to many who have never encountered it.

During my years of ministry at the Orange County Buddhist Church, we were gradually becoming more and more ethnically diverse. It was really wonderful to see and be a part of. In earlier years, we might have a Japanese American married to a Caucasian, or to a Hispanic person, or to an African American.

But in more recent years, we were having entire families join our Sangha from various ethnicities. Hispanic families, African American families, Indian families, just to name a few.

I remember in one of our adult discussions when I was talking about the life of the Buddha, a new member who was from India spoke up in class and talked about the area of India that we were discussing. He knew it so well since he was from India. I had never had that happen bef