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Grateful to BCA Members Who Work on Vital Committees

While writing this article, it is Obon season. Many temples are safely organizing a modified in-person Obon event. I hope all goes well for a successful and memorable Gathering of Joy. Obon is a time to remember all those who have passed before us with gratitude.

As I dance Bon Odori, I think about my loved ones and their sacrifices, as well as all those who allow me to receive the Dharma with deepest gratitude in my heart. I’m sure you also have the same sentiments.

I am also grateful to all those who currently help make BCA exist. As an organization, BCA has a support system for its operations, our ministry, Buddhist education, and programs for temples and members. The support includes several committees led by lay leaders and ministerial advisers with many BCA member volunteers. Each committee is an important component to the BCA. In the coming months, I would like to introduce you to these committees.

Here are the first two committees I would like to introduce.

Bylaws/Legal Committee: Chairperson Glenn Inanaga

Ministerial Advisers: Rev. Gregory Gibbs and Rev. Dean Koyama

The responsibility of the Bylaws/Legal Committee is to maintain the governance and organizational documents of the BCA. The committee advises the National Board (elected leaders and District representatives) with recommendations to the National Council (temple and ministerial representatives) with appropriate language for any proposed amendments to the BCA Bylaws as well as its impact and implications. The committee also assists with any legal matters and questions that comes before the national organization.

Communications Committee: Chairperson Judy Kono

Ministerial Advisers: Rev. Harry Bridge, Rev. Kiyonobu Kuwahara and Rev. Jon Turner.

The success of any organization is communications. The purpose of the Communications Committee is to support the Mission Statement of the BCA, “To Promote the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha as well as Propagate the Jodo Shinshu teachings.”

This committee develops, maintains and enhances appropriate communication tools such as the BCA website, the Wheel of Dharma, BCA Connect and Social Media platforms with the intent for the Buddha-Dharma to be easily disseminated to BCA members as well as the general public.

The committee also determines the general publication and editorial policies for the BCA website, Wheel of Dharma, BCA Updates and other communication tools.

The Communications Committee has a subcommittee, Technology Outreach Subcommittee (TOSC) co-chaired by Brad Ito and John Mullins. This subcommittee supports the BCA organization and its temples.

As we all know, communications must change and develop along with technological advancement. Having a welcoming and accessible website, the proper messaging and learning how to use the various social media platforms will help us with effective outreach. This committee has held webinars to help the temples in these areas.

We are fortunate to have BCA members volunteer their time in sharing their expertise. I am proud to introduce you to them as they keep our organization active and the Dharma alive. There are many more committees I will be sharing with upcoming issues.


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Machany Justin
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