Grateful to BCA Members Who Work on Vital Committees

While writing this article, it is Obon season. Many temples are safely organizing a modified in-person Obon event. I hope all goes well for a successful and memorable Gathering of Joy. Obon is a time to remember all those who have passed before us with gratitude.

As I dance Bon Odori, I think about my loved ones and their sacrifices, as well as all those who allow me to receive the Dharma with deepest gratitude in my heart. I’m sure you also have the same sentiments.

I am also grateful to all those who currently help make BCA exist. As an organization, BCA has a support system for its operations, our ministry, Buddhist education, and programs for temples and members. The support includes several committees led by lay leaders and ministerial advisers with many BCA member volunteers. Each committee is an important component to the BCA. In the coming months, I would like to introduce you to these committees.

Here are the first two committees I would like to introduce.

Bylaws/Legal Committee: Chairperson Glenn Inanaga

Ministerial Advisers: Rev. Gregory Gibbs and Rev. Dean Koyama

The responsibility of the Bylaws/Legal Committee is to maintain the governanc