Happy Year of the Ox and the Conclusion to the Five Calamities of 2020

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the BCA, I wish all BCA members a Happy New Year!

We probably and hopefully will never see a year like 2020 again. With the development of the vaccine for COVID-19, I am hoping that this new year ends well. Depending on how things go, we may be able to open our temples before the end of the year. Just to be conservative, we should probably not expect holding our annual summer fundraisers (but we will have to see).

I would like to conclude my thoughts on the Five Calamities of 2020 that I talked about last month:

4. The Election

Whatever your political leaning, the last four years have demonstrated that whatever your opinion is, there will always be people who support you and people who are against you. At the time that I am writing this, there is talk about events that both major political parties will be holding on Jan. 20.