Headline: The Five Calamities of 2020

Every morning, Rev. Yuki Sugahara of the Oregon Buddhist Temple

produces a live video about Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. He has done this

every day since the end of March 2020. He has talked about the Letters of

Rennyo (Gobunsho), the Jodo Wasan, and (at the time I am writing this),

the Koso Wasan.

On Sept. 13, he talked about the seven calamities mentioned in the

Lotus Sutra. These calamities are: fire, water, evil demons, weapons,

ghosts, imprisonment, and thieves and bandits. Shinran Shonin makes

reference to Master Saicho’s lesson on dealing with the seven calamities

and how this helped to promote the Nembutsu path in Japan.

In this column and in next month’s column, I talk about the five