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‘Kansha — Gratitude’

I had the opportunity to participate in BCA events this past month and was grateful to be able to meet and spend time with Dharma friends.

On Oct. 4, an in-service emergency preparedness training was held at the JSC for the BCA staff and tenants. Retired firefighter and Berkeley Buddhist Temple member, Michael Nagamoto, shared his knowledge on evacuation procedures, how to use a fire extinguisher, and pointed out areas of importance within the JSC. Following Michael’s presentation, a training video on responding to an active shooter was shown. I would like to thank Michael for his expertise and our BCA staff and the tenants at the JSC for participating in the training session.

Following the training, the BCA staff was recognized for their years of service. Bishop Rev. Marvin Harada and I were privileged to present certificates and gifts in person to the following for their milestone years:

25 yearsRev. Michael Endo, Office of the Bishop Executive Assistant and Secretary

10 yearsRev. Marvin Harada, BCA Bishop, previous Center for Buddhist Education Co-director

10 yearsKevin Arakaki, Controller

10 yearsFrancisco Estrada, Custodian at BCA Headquarters

10 years Judy Kono, CBE Project Coordinator

10 years Gayle Noguchi, Director of Operations, previous BCA Bookstore Manager

The BCA Executive Committee recently initiated a BCA staff recognition program. We are very fortunate to have dedicated people running the programs and operations for BCA.

After the staff recognition presentations, an appreciation luncheon was held. It was wonderful to see each other in person. For some, it had been nearly three years since the 2020 National Council Meetings in Renton, Washington. I would like to thank Gayle Noguchi and her team — Robert Noguchi, Ron Nomura, and Norman Yoshida for coordinating a special day for our amazing staff.

On Oct. 9, the Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple observed its 75th anniversary. “Kansha — Gratitude” was the theme as Coast District members and representatives gathered in person to celebrate this milestone occasion. It was a time for the members to reminisce, and, more important, to express gratitude to members who came before them for establishing the Jodo Shinshu tradition in the Monterey Peninsula area and to the Sangha for the rebuilding of the beautiful temple after a tragic fire. Thank you to Rev. and Mrs. Dennis Shinseki, Linda Kadani and the members of the Monterey temple for hosting a wonderful celebration.

The next morning, Ford and I attended the Watsonville Buddhist Temple service. It was a wonderful treat to receive two Dharma messages from Minister’s Assistants Bill Wurtenberg and David Correia as well as meeting the Watsonville Sangha. Thank you to Perry and Kim Yoshida and Tad and JoAnn Kato for their time in giving us a tour of their temple.

On the weekend of October 14-16, the FBWA held its 46th National Conference, which was hosted by the Northern California District BWA.

“Winds of Change” was an appropriate theme, considering the present times as well as the Shin Buddhist understanding of impermanence. I commend the conference planning committee as well as those who attended for adapting to the online format. Thank you to all for making this event possible.

Later this month, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. Each of us will observe the holiday in our own way. Whether we gather with family, have a Friendsgiving, partake in a turkey meal with all of the fixings, enjoy a favorite dish, or serve a special meal, it is a time to reflect on what one is grateful for.

In our Jodo Shinshu practice, we are taught to live your life with gratitude. To be aware and always be grateful. Please continue to live a life of gratitude.


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It was an occasion for the members to catch up on old times and, more importantly, to thank the Sangha for reconstructing the exquisite temple after a devastating fire and to previous members who had founded the Jodo Shinshu tradition in the Monterey Peninsula region. geometry dash

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