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List of Supporters of 2020 IBS Annual Giving Program

In these difficult times, the Institute of Buddhist Studies extends its deepest appreciation and gratitude to the generous supporters of the 2020 Friends of IBS Annual Giving Program.

Because of your support, IBS is able to move forward despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic. The Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and the students of IBS are deeply grateful.

Through the 2020 FIBS program, IBS raised $999,498.74. These funds were designated as follows:

  • Operational Funds

  • Academic Programs — $1,179 General Donations —- $53,260

  • General Donations (Matching) —- $735

  • IBS Student Scholarships —- $137,829

  • IBS Ministerial Scholarships — $9,346

  • Endowments

  • Library Funds — $200

  • CCSBS Research Fund — $13,200

  • Scholarship Funds — $6,350

  • Bloomquist Educational Fund — $613,061

  • Professorial Chairs

  • Eshin-ni/Kakushin-ni Chair — $12,697

  • Hanyu Chair — $1,642

  • Yuki Chair — $150,000

Checks issued in 2020, but received in January 2021 are not included in the total reported above. Notable among these were two donations from the Tanimura Family Foundation: $50,000 to establish a new Ministerial Student Scholarship Endowment Fund and $20,000 to support the current IBS ministerial students.

Our 2021 IBS Annual Giving Program will launch in May. We ask for your continued generous support.

Here, we would like to acknowledge the donors whose gifts were received between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2020. (Donations received between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2020, were acknowledged in the August 2020 issue of the Wheel of Dharma.)

The generous donors were:

IBS Donations Received – July 1 to Dec 31, 2020: $89,834

Academic Programs: $300

Anonymous (in honor of NW District Ministers)

Mr. Christopher Anderson & Mrs. Stacy Yamaoka Anderson

Ms. Phyllis Sugimoto

Mr. Richard Fujikawa & Mrs. Eileen Fujikawa

General Donations: $23,799


Mr. Harry Bergland & Mrs. June Masuyama

Mrs. Dorothy Bloom

Buddhist Church of Oakland Dharma School

Mrs. Koko Doami, in memory of Rev. John Doami

Mrs. Emilie Endo, in memory of Richard Endo

Mr. Jeffrey Folick & Mrs. Namy Folick

Mr. David Frederick & Mrs. Edith Kawamoto Frederick, in memory of Toshio & Tomoko Kawamoto

Mr. Richard Fujikawa & Mrs. Eileen Fujikawa

Rev. Dennis Fujimoto

Mrs. Kayoko Fujimoto

Mr. Robert Hanashiro & Mrs. Deanna Hanashiro, in memory of Tosh & Tomoko Kawamoto

Mrs. Marianne Hane & Mr. Frank Oaks

Mrs. Sharon Harada, Ms. Lynn Harada

Rev. Charles Hasegawa & Mrs. Noriko Hasegawa

Ms. Sherrie Hayashi, in memory of Rev. Masami Hayashi

Mrs. Keiko Hess

Mrs. Holly Hidinger

Mr. Ronald Kagehiro & Mrs. Margaret Kagehiro

Mr. Kiyoshi Katsumoto & Mrs. Emiko Katsumoto

Ms. Robbin Kawabata & Mr. Carl Gutekunst

Ms. Gayle Kono

Ms. Ruby Kuritsubo

Mr. Gary Lawrence & Mrs. Maya Lawrence, in memory of Rev. K. T. Tsuji

Ms. Mamie Lee, in memory of Neil Tsutaoka

Mr. George Matsunaga & Mrs. Emiko Matsunaga

Mr. Ron Mayeda, in memory of Masami Mayeda

Mr. Andy Mayeda, in memory of Masami Mayeda

Mrs. Junko Mitsunaga, in memory of Tomio Mitsunaga

Rev. Nobuo Miyaji & Mrs. Yoshiko Miyaji

Mrs. Kiyo Nagatomi & Mr. Bruce Shimizu

Mrs. Aya Nagatomi-Windle & Mr. David Windle

Ms. Kemi Nakabayashi & Mr. Jim Norton

Mr. Gary Oda

Mr. Eugene Otake & Mrs. Yuki Otake

Dr. Joe Ozaki & Mrs. Jill Ozaki

Mr. Charles Ozaki & Mrs. Teri Ozaki

Rev. Gerald Sakamoto & Mrs. Kathleen Sakamoto

Mr. Oscar Sakamoto & Mrs. Noriko Sakamoto

San Mateo Buddhist Temple Buddhist Women’s Association

Rev. Candice Shibata

Rev. Dennis Shinseki & Mrs. Jane Shinseki

Southern District Buddhist Women’s Association

Mr. Richard Stambul

Ms. Phyllis Sugimoto

Mrs. Pearl Sugimoto

Mrs. Tamiko Tada, in memory of Rev. Kakuyei Tada

Mr. Tomomi Tsuchitani & Mrs. Toshiko Tsuchitani

Mrs. Sakaye Tsuji

Rev. Kodo Umezu

Dr. Kazuo Unno & Mrs. Gail Unno

Rev. Tetsuo Unno & Mrs. Sumi Unno

Mrs. Alice Unno

Mr. F. James Yamakawa & Mrs. Grace Yamakawa, in memory of Setsuko Hane

Rev. Dr. Seigen Yamaoka, in memory of Shigeko Yamaoka

Mrs. Jill Yasutake, in memory of Roy & Agnes Iwamoto

Mrs. Fusae Yoshida, in memory of Eiichi Yoshida

General Donations (Matching Funds): $735


Gannett Foundation


IBS Student Scholarships: $54,350

Anonymous (in honor of NW District Ministers)

Mrs. Koko Doami, in memory of Rev. John Doami

Mrs. Koko Doami, in memory of Mrs. Irene Kawamura

Mrs. Koko Doami, in memory of Mr. Denise Okada

Mrs. Koko Doami, in memory of Mr. Lien Van Ho

Mr. Richard Fujikawa & Mrs. Eileen Fujikawa

Mrs. Nancy Hirota

Mrs. M. Carolyn Kunihiro

Mr. George Matsunaga & Mrs. Emiko Matsunaga

Mr. Walter Menda & Mrs. Kathleen Menda

Mr. Ronald Murata & Mrs. Carolyn Murata

Mrs. Catherine Nagareda

Mr. Ittsei Nakagawa & Mrs. Kiriye Nakagawa, in memory of Mr. Paul Ichiuji

Mr. Gregory Nakamura & Mrs. Linda Nakamura, in honor of Rev. Seigen Yamaoka

Mr. Mitchell Nakashima & Mrs. Lynn Nakashima

Mr. David Nakatani & Mrs. Lily Nakatani

Oakland Buddhist Women’s Association

Mr. Oscar Sakamoto & Mrs. Noriko Sakamoto, in memory of Hideo & Kiyomi Yamashita

Mr. Dick Sasaki & Mrs. Agnes Sasaki

Ms. Barbara Shimizu Dinkelspiel

Ms. Phyllis Sugimoto

Mrs. Sakaye Tsuji

Mr. Larry Yamaoka & Mrs. Vickie Yamaoka

IBS Ministerial Scholarships: $1,400

Mrs. Koko Doami, in memory of Rev. Kakuei Tada

Mrs. Koko Doami, in memory of Mrs. Chieko Sumida

Mrs. Koko Doami, in memory of Mrs. Sachi Ochiai

Mrs. Koko Doami, in memory of Rev. John Doami

Mrs. Koko Doami, in memory of Mr. Setsukan Iwakoshi

Rev. Dr. Seigen Yamaoka

Endowments — IBS Library: $100

Mrs. B. Taeko Okamura, Renee Okamura

Endowments — Scholarships: $5,900

Ms. Grace Takahashi

Rev. Dr. Seigen Yamaoka

Mrs. Marrie Yamashita

Endowments — Professorial Chairs

Eshinni/Kakushinni Chair: $3,100

Eimi Okano

Eimi Okano (in memory of Yuji Okano)

Mr. Wayne Komure & Dr. Patricia Hiramoto

Rev. Dr. David Matsumoto & Mrs. Diane Matsumoto

Noboru and Yaeko Hanyu Buddhist Chaplaincy Professorial Chair: $150

Mr. Richard Fujikawa & Mrs. Eileen Fujikawa

Ms. Phyllis Sugimoto



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