Town Hall Focuses on Buddhist Education, Recovery Groups

James Pollard knows very well the value of having a Buddhist education program at a BCA temple or church. He was first drawn to the Dharma teachings through a class taught by Rev. Marvin Harada entitled “Buddhist Views of Life and Death.”

Pollard’s Nembutsu path involved “reading and listening very carefully” and he became the chairperson of the Orange County Buddhist Church’s Buddhist Education Center and OCBC’s Religious Program Vice President. He also wrote an acclaimed book on Shin Buddhism titled, “Let This Be Known: Finding the Shin Buddhist Path.”

Pollard spoke at a recent BCA Town Hall on “Membership and Messaging” at the National Council Meeting. He talked about the need to have a Buddhist education program as a way to increase membership and appreciation of the Dharma by longtime Sangha members.

The Town Hall included a variety of speakers addressing ways to grow a Sangha, including: having a strategy and vision; how to “message” Shin Buddhism; using the digital medium of a website, YouTube and social media such as Instagram; meditation and mindfulness as starting points for newcomers; forming a Dharma recovery group to deal with addi