Town Hall Presents Variety of Ways to Grow a Sangha

Andrea Chapman is a professional YouTuber – and president of the Ekoji Buddhist Temple – and videos on her sewing and crafts channel Sewspire have received more than an astounding 600,000 views.

Chapman shared her success in building a YouTube following, and spoke at a BCA Town Hall on March 5 about how to use digital tools such as a website, YouTube channel and social media to attract and build a Sangha. The Town Hall was titled “Messaging and Membership” and kicked off the workshops at the National Council Meeting.

The event also included the following ways to build a Sangha: having a strategy and vision; how to “message” Shin Buddhism; meditation and mindfulness as starting points for newcomers; offering a Dharma recovery program to help people and grow the Sangha; the value of Buddhist education; and having a warm and welcoming Sangha.

Essential digital tools

Chapman described how Ekoji is successfully attracting new members – “three digital tools that you can use. These are your websit