We Have to Express Thanks, Gratitude for Sacrifices of Others

As Buddhists, we like to think that we are good people. As Shin Buddhists, perhaps we know that we cannot know good and bad.

Actually, we have to acknowledge that we are evil people full of blind passions, and we also acknowledge that we are grateful and thankful for the Wisdom and Compassion that is Amida Buddha.

We all like to think that we are good people who don’t kill. However, the reality might be a bit different.

In Shin Buddhism, all sentient beings, meaning all living things, have the equal potential for Buddhahood. So, all living things are equal — humans, animals and plants are living things. And humans are not superior to plants, and plants are not superior to animals. All sentient beings are equal and have the equal Buddha-Nature.

We would like to think that I do not kill, but that is impossible. Each time I eat, I eat plants and animals. Th